Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD)

AIXTRON Flip top Closed Couple Showerhead MOCVD Reactor for 1x6" 1x4" 6x2" Nitride-based materials
AIXTRON Aix200/4 MOCVD Reactor for single 2"/3"/4" As/P/Sb/dilute nitride alloys
AIXTRON Aix2400/G3 HT MOCVD Reactor for 6x2" Nitride-based materials
AIXTRON CCS MOCVD Reactor for 6x2" As/P based materials

Material Deposition and Etching

E-beam Evaporator for Contact Metal Deposition (old)
E-beam Evaporator for Contact Metal Deposition (new)
Inductively Coupled Plasma System for Nitride Dry-Etching
PECVD for Oxide and Nitride Deposition

Rapid Thermal Annealing

RTP-300 Rapid Thermal Processor
Rapid thermal annealing systems(new)

Epilayer Characterizations

Lehighton Contactless Sheet Resistance System
Optical measurement system & assemblies for photoluminescence measurements
Mercury Probe
BIO-RAD ECV Profiler

LED Characterizations

LED Electroluminescence Mapping system
LED Electroluminescence measurement system

Lapping, Polishing and Scribing

Precision lapping and polishing equipment
TECDIA Scribe and break machine
TECDIA (Nanofactor) Grinding and Lapping machine for Sapphire substrate


High temperature Tubular Furnace for LEDs phosphor fabrication
Helium Leak Detector
ULVAC HELIOT Leak Detector

Device Fabrication and Material Characterization Facilities

Nano Fabrication Facility (NFF) at HKUST
Material Characterization and Preparation Facility (MCPF) at HKUST