Research Areas

Wireless Communications and Networking (WCN)


In recent years, wireless communications and networking has become extremely important throughout the world and in particular for Hong Kong and China. This area includes emerging wireless communications and networking technologies including and not limited to cognitive radio networks for next-generation mobile communications systems, antenna design and optimization, internet-of-things, machine-to-machine communications as well as cutting-edge research in social networking and big-data systems. There are a large number of active research projects in advanced communications and networking areas within the department.



Faculty Research Centers, Facilities and Labs
Khaled Ben Letaief
Vijay Bhargava
Xiren Cao
Roger Cheng
Justin Chuang
Xiaopeng Fan
Vincent Lau
Chin-Tau Lea
An Liu
Wai-Ho Mow
Ross Murch
James She
Shenghui Song
Xiaowei Sun
Danny Tsang
Albert Wong
Tim Woo
Jun Zhang
Research Centers and Facilities:
ATM/IP Telephony Solution Cooperative Research Center
Center for Networking
Center for Wireless Information Technology (CenWIT)
Hongkong Telecom Institute of Information Technology (HKTIIT)
Internet Switching Technology Center
Research Labs:
Broadband-Network Laboratory
Networked Control Laboratory
Huawei-HKUST Innovation Laboratory
HKUST-NIE Social Media Laboratory
Wireless-Communication Laboratory