Research Areas

Solid-State Electronics and Photonics (S2EP)


This area includes photonics, solid-state materials and devices, applied electromagnetics, as well as display and lighting devices. Our work leverages the university’s Nanosystem Fabrication Facility (NFF), which is a complete facility capable of handling a full CMOS process. This research area also covers Photonics technology in particular displays, lighting, solar energy, biomedical diagnostics, sensing, optical communications and next-generation data centers and computing.

Faculty Research Centers, Facilities and Labs
Shujun Cai
Mansun Chan
Kevin Chen
Vladimir Chigrinov
Zhiyong Fan
Hoi Sing Kwok
Kei May Lau
George Zhaojun Liu
Emma MacPherson
Andrew Poon
Johnny Sin
Abhishek Srivastava
Xiaowei Sun
Michael Sung
Ching Tang
Man Wong
Shu Yang
Lining Zhang
Research Centers and Facilities:
Centre for Display Research (CDR)
Nanosystem Fabrication Facility (NFF)
Photonics Technology Center
Semiconductor Product Analysis and Design Enhancement (SPADE) Center
State Key Laboratory on Advanced Displays and Optoelectronics Technologies (ADT)
Research Labs:
Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
Device-Characterization Laboratory
Electro-Optics Laboratory
Optical Device-Characterization Laboratory
Photonic Device Laboratory
Photonic Materials Laboratory
Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Electronics Laboratory (WISE-LAB)