Research Areas

Integrated Circuits and Systems (ICS)


This area includes all aspects of today’s integrated circuits and systems and system-on-chip as well as embedded systems solutions. This research stream covers analog and digital integrated circuits (IC), wireless and wireline communications circuits and emerging circuits and systems for use in a variety of applications including wireless communications, power electronics, smart sensing, embedded systems and control.



Faculty Research Centers, Facilities and Labs
Amine Bermak
Philip Chan
Kevin Chau
Justin Chuang
Wing-hung Ki
Ping Ko
Volkan Kursun
Jack Lau
Howard Luong
Philip Mok
Charles Sodini
Michael Sung
CY Tsui
Liang Wu
Jiang Xu
Cary Yang
George Yuan
Patrick Yue
Wei Zhang
Research Center and Facility:
Integrated-Circuit Industrial Consortium (IC2)
Nanosystem Fabrication Facility (NFF)
Teaching Labs:
Digital-Electronics and Microprocessor Laboratory
PC CAD Laboratory
Research Labs:
Advanced VLSI Design and Test Laboratory
WIreless Communications Integrated Circuits Laboratory (WIC2L)
Device-Characterization Laboratory
HKUST-Qualcomm Joint Innovation and Research Laboratory (HQL)
Integrated Power Electronics Laboratory
Mobile Computing System Lab
Nanoelectronic Circuits and Gigascale Systems Laboratory
Sensor and Instrumentation Laboratory
Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) Research Lab
Xilinx-HKUST Joint Lab