Fulbright, Princeton Univ.
PhD, Technical Univ. of Catalonia
Fellow, IEEE
Dept of Electronic & Computer Engineering, HKUST

Research Areas
Signal, Information and Multimedia Processing (SIMP)

Multi-disciplinary Themes
Big Data Systems (BDS)

Tel : +852 2358 7060
Email : palomar
Room : 2398
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Research Interests
Convex optimization theory, information theory, signal processing, MIMO communication systems.

Daniel P. Palomar (S'99-M’03-SM’08-F’12) received the Electrical Engineering and Ph.D. degrees from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain, in 1998 and 2003, respectively.

He is a Professor in the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong, which he joined in 2006. Since 2013 he is a Fellow of the Institute for Advance Study (IAS) at HKUST. He had previously held several research appointments, namely, at King's College London (KCL), London, UK; Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona; Stanford University, Stanford, CA; Telecommunications Technological Center of Catalonia (CTTC), Barcelona; Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden; University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy; and Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. His current research interests include applications of convex optimization theory, game theory, and variational inequality theory to financial systems, big data systems, and communication systems.

Dr. Palomar is an IEEE Fellow, a recipient of a 2004/06 Fulbright Research Fellowship, the 2004 Young Author Best Paper Award by the IEEE Signal Processing Society, the 2002/03 best Ph.D. prize in Information Technologies and Communications by the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), the 2002/03 Rosina Ribalta first prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis in Information Technologies and Communications by the Epson Foundation, and the 2004 prize for the best Doctoral Thesis in Advanced Mobile Communications by the Vodafone Foundation and COIT.

He serves as an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, and has been an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, a Guest Editor of the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 2010 Special Issue on “Convex Optimization for Signal Processing,” the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 2008 Special Issue on “Game Theory in Communication Systems,” and the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 2007 Special Issue on “Optimization of MIMO Transceivers for Realistic Communication Networks.”