SID HK Chapter Joint Seminar
Low temperature polysilicon TFT technology for flexible electronics

G. Fortunato
IMM-CNR, Via del Fosso del Cavaliere 100,
00133 Rome, ITALY

 :  28 Oct 2013 (Mon)
 :  4 - 5 pm
Venue  :  Rm4480 (Lift 25/26)


A review of the current technologies for flexible electronics is presented and the benefits of the low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) TFT technology are discussed. In particular, the process developed at IMM-CNR to fabricate LTPS TFTs on flexible substrates will be described. Non self-aligned LTPS TFTs were fabricated on polyimide (PI) layers spin-coated on Si-wafer, used as rigid carrier, overcoming difficulties in handling flexible freestanding plastic substrates and eliminating the problem of plastic shrinkage with high processing temperatures. The device active layer was crystallized using excimer laser annealing while the gate oxide was deposited using electron cyclotron resonance PECVD. After TFTs fabrication, the PI layer is mechanically released from the Si-wafer and the devices have been electrically characterized under different bending conditions. In addition, hot carrier and self-heating related instabilities have been studied and analysed by using numerical simulations. Applications to flexible tactile sensors and gas sensors will be presented.



Guglielmo FORTUNATO is research director and is responsible of the “Devices for large area electronics” Unit at CNR-IMM. His main scientific activity is on the physics and technology of thin film transistors based on inorganic (amorphous and polycrystalline silicon) and organic (pentacene) semiconductors. Recently he focused on the development of low temperature process for the fabrication of TFTs on flexible substrates. He has been responsible of several National and European Research contracts and also of industrial research contracts. He has authored more than 200 papers published on international journals and more than 100 contributions to Proceedings of International Conferences, has presented many oral communications and 33 invited talks in International Conferences and is author of 5 invited chapters on books and holds 10 patents. He has been co-organiser of several E-MRS Symposia and has been recently Chairman of the Third International Thin Film Transistor Conference (Rome, Jan. 2007) and of Eurodisplay (Rome, Sept. 2009).

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