Towards collaborative coding --- experiences, guidelines, and the road ahead

Prof. Tommi Mikkonen
Professor at Department of Software Systems
Tampere University of Technology
Tampere, Finland

 :  06 May 2013 (Mon)
 :  3 - 4:30pm
Venue  :  Rm2302 (Lift 17/18)
Academic Building
Clear Water Bay
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Today, techniques made popular by Web 2.0 enable massive cooperation of users. Following the spirit of Google Docs, where multiple editors can cooperate in real time in crafting a single document, we believe that it is only a matter of time before software development takes the step towards online editing and development. To study the different aspects of this phenomenon, we have implemented a collaborative coding environment that also has some features familiar from social media. In this tallk, we demonstrate our collaborative coding tool with a number of developers who use the system to compose web services, and introduce our long-term vision on the different directions the work can be taken to. Towards the end of the presentation, we will also list the main lessons we have learned in the development process, as well as list feedback from evaluation with developers working with the implementation.

Tommi Mikkonen has held several software related positions in numerous settings, ranging from application development for a spacecraft to managing product-line architecture of Symbian products at a major telecom manufacturer. Since 2001 Mikkonen has been a professor at Department  of Software Systems, Tampere University of  Technology, Tampere, Finland. During 2006-2008 he was a visiting professor at Sun Microsystems Laboratory working on the Lively Kernel system, an exceptionally flexible web programming environment. Since then, he has worked on the topic in cooperation with a number of companies in Finland.

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