Student Activity
ECE Final Year Project Industry Day 2013

 :  09 May 2013 (Thu)
 :  1:30pm - 6:00pm
Venue  :  Engineering Commons and E2I Function Room, HKUST

The ECE Department has organized the Final Year Project (FYP) Industry Day on 9 May 2013, which was a gathering for FYP students to show students, faculty, and companies their project work, share their ideas, and hopefully Year 1 and 2 students would be able to learn from their projects and get some inspiration for their own FYP in the future. Engineering students of the 4-Year Program were also invited to know more about the excellent work of ECE students. There were 16 teams in the Demo Session, 23 teams in the Special Poster Session, 46 teams in the Poster Session, and nearly 300 students, faculty, and representatives from companies joined this fun and meaningful activity.
Judging panels formed by company representatives from ARM, Cell Technology, General Sensing, Guangdong Hiway Integrated Circuit Technology, Hong Kong Dajiang Innovation Technology, Hong Kong Telecommunications, PCCW, RS Components and Varitronix selected the top 3 FYP Demos to win the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards. Advanced Card Systems and Rohde & Schwarz also attended the event and exchanged ideas with our students about their work.
For the Special Poster Session, students voted for their favourite posters and the top 3 teams won the Most Popular FYP Poster Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards.
After the FYP Poster/Demo Session, companies were invited to introduce their company profile and career opportunities to our students. Through this event, we hope to promote our students' interaction with and exposure to the local industry.
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Winning Teams of the FYP Industry Day:
Demo Session
Gold Award:
"Smart Projector" by WENG Siyuan, supervised by Prof. James She
Silver Award:
"Human Physiological Monitoring by using Smart Phone" by CHOW Ka Him, FONG Ting Kit and YAN Wai Ho, supervised by Prof. Jianan Qu
Bronze Award:
"LCD Optimization and Modeling" by AGARWAL Abhinav, MOSTAFA Naziba and SHINGWEKAR Aneesh, supervised by Prof. V. Chigrinov
Special Poster Session
Gold Award:
"Cloud Computing for Photo Sharing Services" by KWOK Shing Wai and WONG Minisa Cho Kei, supervised by Prof. Chin-Tau Lea
Silver Award:
"Smart Apps for Chinese Medicine Preparation" by CHAN Shuk Yi, WONG Wai Sum and WU Wan Lung, supervised by Prof. Jianan Qu
Bronze Award:
"Monitoring Health Application on Android" by CHEUNG Wai Kit and YIM Chi Wai, supervised by Prof. CY Tsui

Company Sponsors for the FYP Industry Day Awards:
ARM Ltd.
Cell Technology
General Sensing
GP Batteries
Guangdong Hiway Integrated Circuit Technology
Hong Kong Dajiang Innovation Technology
Hong Kong Telecommunications
Rohde & Schwarz
RS Components
Synopsys (Beijing)
Company presentation files (ITSC log-in required):