Non-Volatile Memory Based Hybrid Caches and Memories for Low Power and High Performance Embedded Systems

Dr. Jason Xue
Assistant professor, Department of Computer Science
City University of Hong Kong

 :  06 Feb 2013 (Wed)
 :  11:00am-12:noon
Venue  :  Classroom 2612A (2/F via Lifts 31-32)
Academic Bldg, HKUST

New memory developments center on Non-volatile Memories (NVM), such as Phase Change Memory (PCM), Spin-Transfer Torque RAM (STT-RAM), and Flash Memory. These memories have the characteristics of non-volatility, shock-resistivity, high density and power-economy. At the same time, there are limitations on non-volatile memories. Write operations on non-volatile memories usually incur higher latency or energy, and non-volatile memories often have limited lifetimes bounded by the number of write operations. Cost is another factor that is limiting the wide adoption of large-scale non-volatile memories. It is observed that neither pure SRAM/DRAM nor pure NVM is the best solution for low power and high performance systems. With the goal of obtaining all the benefits of NVM while retaining the write efficiency and cost efficiency of SRAM/DRAM, NVM based hybrid caches and memories have been proposed recently. In this talk, we present two recent works we have done on hybrid caches and memories based on NVM for practical low power and high performance embedded systems. First, we will present a power-aware variable partitioning technique for hybrid PCM and DRAM memory. Second, we will present an energy-efficient technique for NVM based hybrid cache by exploiting data layout. We will conclude with future research directions in this area. 
Jason Xue received the Ph.D. degree from the Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at Dallas, in 2007. Currently, he is an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science in the City University of Hong Kong. His research interests include embedded systems, non-volatile memory, hardware/software co-design, and low power systems. He was the Program Co-Chair of the 16th IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA 2010) and serves/served the technical program committees of many top conferences in the embedded systems field (such as DAC, CODES, DATE, ASP-DAC, and LCTES).