A Talk by EE Alum: How electronic engineering empowered me to turn my interests into my own business

 :  22 Feb 2017 (Wed)
 :  6:00pm - 7:20pm
Venue  :  LT J

In the talk, Eric shared his life in UST, as an electronic engineering student, and how the knowledge and experience learnt in the university enabled him to transform his passion in music into his own business. Eric also talked about why electronic engineering is the subject, which can help one’s dream come true.
The engineering students in Year 1 and ECE students benefited a lot from this inspiring talk by this big brother and gained a better understanding of establishing a startup company. It was an invaluable opportunity for them to learn from this successful EE alumnus and to further explore their interest via this face-to-face platform. They also grabbed this chance to ask a lot of questions after the talk.
About the Speaker:
Mr. Eric Yung is the founder and CEO of Playnote Limited (“Playnote”), which focuses in research about artificial intelligence and cloud computing for professional music education.
Playnote has successfully developed a series of software, dedicated for international professional music examination, with artificial intelligence that can listen, think and teach music performing skills.