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23 Dec 2015 The paper by Saber Soltani, ECE PhD student supervised by Prof. Ross Murch selected as winner of the CST University Publication Award 2015
21 Dec 2015 ECE Team won the Gold Medal Award in the 1st 5G Algorithm Innovation Competition
18 Dec 2015 Prof. Kei May Lau was interviewed on Phoenix TV
14 Dec 2015 ECE PhD student has won the Best Paper Award (Champion) in the 16th IEEE Photonics Society (Hong Kong Chapter) Postgraduate Conference
08 Dec 2015 CPPCC Vice-Chairman and Minister of Science and Technology Prof. Wan Gang Leads a Delegation to Visit and Award Plague to Partner State Key Laboratory (PSKL) on Advanced Display and Optoelectronics Technologies
25 Nov 2015 The paper by ECE PhD student Yu LI won the Best Paper Award in the Asia Communications and Photonics (ACP) Conference
25 Nov 2015 ECE alumnus, Prof. Kai-Kit Wong has just been elevated to IEEE Fellow
25 Nov 2015 Two ECE Final Year Projects won the Merit Awards
25 Nov 2015 ECE Student Pang Yat Hang on MingPao Newspaper Today
25 Nov 2015 Prof. Bing Zeng has been elevated to IEEE Fellow
17 Nov 2015 Project titled “Zara the Supergirl” by Prof. Pascale Fung
12 Nov 2015 Prof. Pascale Fung spoke on the topic of “Establishment of Innovation and Technology Bureau” on RTHK Radio 3 on 11 Nov 2015
10 Nov 2015 ECE UAV team received First Prize in IARC 2015
04 Nov 2015 Article by Prof. Pascale Fung on the November issue of Scientific American
02 Nov 2015 The paper by ECE PG student Qian Bin won the First Prize in the Postgraduate Category of 2015 IEEE Hong Kong Section Region 10 Student Paper Contest
29 Oct 2015 The paper by Prof. Shaojie Shen and ECE MPhil student Zhenfei Yang won the Best Theoretical Paper Award in IEEE SSRR 2015
23 Oct 2015 Research led by Prof. H.S. Kwok, Prof. V.G. Chigrinov, Prof. Abhishek Srivastava and Prof. Andrey Rogach has been covered by
23 Oct 2015 ECE Student received the CLP Scholarship (Electronic Engineering) 2015
23 Oct 2015 Prof. WOO Kam Tim has been selected as recipient of the Michael G. Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching
06 Oct 2015 Research Work by Prof. H.S. Kwok and Prof. V. Chigrinov's team has been covered by Nanowerk
15 Sep 2015 Prof. Bing Zeng won a Second Class Award in Natural Science
09 Sep 2015 Prof. Tim Woo of ECE received the 2015 UGC Teaching Award
31 Aug 2015 ECE PhD students Ms. Su Pan, Mr. Ken Tseng, Mr. Guijun Li and MPhil Student Mr. Ronald Ching have won Distinguished Paper Award and Poster Paper Award in the IDMC’15 & 3DSA 2015
26 Aug 2015 A breakthrough for HKUST Robotics Team in the 14th ABU Robocon 2015
26 Aug 2015 ECE PhD Student won 1st Prize in the IEEE EMBS Hong Kong-Macau Chapter Student Paper Competition 2015
03 Aug 2015 ECE Faculty and Alumni on a weekly TVB Newsmagazine Program
23 Jul 2015 Sub-team of HKUST Robotics Team won 3 top awards in the 10th Freescale Cup Intelligent Car Racing
17 Jul 2015 ECE Research Associate Dr. Changsheng Chen, PhD students Mr. Baojian Zhou (ECE) and Mr. Jun Ma (Civil), have won First Prize (一等獎) in the 2015 Inno-China Entrepreneurship Competition
16 Jul 2015 Prof. Wai Ho Mow was interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times
14 Jul 2015 Prof. Pascale Fung has been elected as the first ISCA Fellow based in Hong Kong
10 Jul 2015 ECE student, TANG Haoning won First Class Award in the Hong Kong University Students Technology Challenge Cup Competition 2015
07 Jul 2015 Book by ECE faculty members on “Modeling and Optimization of LCD Optical Performance” published by Wiley
03 Jul 2015 ECE student won the 2nd prize in iCAN 2015
02 Jul 2015 ECE students won the 3rd prize of Institute of Measurement and Control HK Section Student Project Competition
30 Jun 2015 HKUST Robocon Team received the Champion of Robocon (Hong Kong Contest) for Five Consecutive Years
30 Jun 2015 HKUST ROV received 4 Top Awards in the 2015 MATE International ROV Competition
22 Jun 2015 Prof. Abhishek Srivastava, Prof. Vladimir Chigrinov, Prof. Hoi Sing Kwok and ECE PhD students won Distinguished Poster Award at the 2015 SID International Symposium
15 Jun 2015 The paper by Prof. Ming Liu and ECE students won the Best Conference Paper Award in the IEEE-CYBER 2015
04 May 2015 Prof. Amine Bermak was interviewed by South China Morning Post
20 Apr 2015 A paper by Mr Saber Soltani, a PhD student supervised by Prof. RD Murch, was the top most downloaded paper in IEEE Transactions on Antennas & Propagation in March 2015
16 Apr 2015 Prof. Vijay Bhargava won the Canada Council Killam Prize 2015
15 Apr 2015 Mobile App for Hearing-impaired Children jointly developed by ECE and CSE won Gold Award in the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2015
01 Apr 2015 ECE Sports Team won Overall Championship in the HKUST Intramural Sports Competitions 2014-15
25 Mar 2015 ECE PG Students Hang CHENG and Farhan Ahmed Musthafa THAIKA MUTHUWAPPA are Finalists of the Classified Post "Shadow a CEO" Program
23 Mar 2015 Paper by ECE PhD student Parisa Lotfi Poshtgol has been selected as an Honorable Mention in the 2015 IEEE AP-S Student Paper Competition
10 Mar 2015 Project by Prof. Mansun Chan and his Shenzhen Team received the Second Class Award in the Natural Science Category of the 2014 Shenzhen Science and Technology Award
09 Mar 2015 Four papers by ECE students showcased at ISSCC 2015
03 Mar 2015 Article on DJI Innovations was published in South China Morning Post
26 Feb 2015 Prof. Patrick Yue has been elected as an AdCom Member for the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society
09 Feb 2015 ECE Faculty Members Share Insights with Top Global Leaders at World Economic Forum
06 Feb 2015 ECE PhD student, Mr. Bin QIAN, won the PG First Prize of the 2014 IEEE HK Student Paper Contest
04 Feb 2015 The Healthcare Designathon Competition developed by Prof. Michael Sung produced a number of Student Teams with promising Start-up Ideas
03 Feb 2015 The paper by Prof. Chigrinov, Prof. HS Kwok and Prof. Abhishek Srivastava's Research Team was the second most downloaded paper in Optics Letters in Nov 2014 and was cited by Liquid Crystals Today in Jan 2015
03 Feb 2015 Prof Michael Sung has been appointed as Director of Center for Industry Engagement and Internship (IEI)
26 Jan 2015 Results of the ECE T-shirt/Jacket Design Competition
25 Jan 2015 Five ECE faculty members competed in the 2015 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon
22 Jan 2015 Paper by Prof. Mansun Chan and his collaborators was selected as a Featured Article of the Semiconductor Science and Technology
15 Jan 2015 Prof. Zexiang Li of ECE has been appointed to the HKSAR Commission on Strategic Development
05 Jan 2015 The ECE Department and the IEEE Hong Kong ED/SSC Joint Chapter Once Again Co-organized a Winter Camp to Foster Future Electronic Engineers