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29 Dec 2011 ECE Final Year Projects won Merit Awards at the HKEIA Innovation & Technology Project Competition 2011
19 Dec 2011 The HKUST-NIE Social Media Lab was reported in the South China Morning Post
16 Dec 2011 Three ECE postgraduate students have won Best Paper Awards in the IEEE Student Symposium on Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits
14 Dec 2011 Prof. CY Tsui of ECE has been elected as a Member of the Election Committee for the IT Sub-sector
14 Dec 2011 ECE PhD student Miss. Hong CAI has won the Best Student Paper Award (Champion) in the 12th IEEE Photonics Society Hong Kong Chapter Postgraduate Conference
13 Dec 2011 5 Faculty Members of ECE have been elevated to IEEE Fellows
08 Dec 2011 ECE PhD student Mr Li Dong has won the 2011 Young Scientist Award in Engineering Science
07 Dec 2011 Prof. Khaled Ben Letaief has won the 2011 IEEE Communications Society Harold Sobol Award for Exemplary Service to Meetings and Conferences
06 Dec 2011 Paper by ECE Postgraduate Student Accepted by the 2012 ISSCC
30 Nov 2011 Prof. Jack Lau received the "Directors of the Year Award" 2011
25 Nov 2011 ECE MPhil Student has set up his own Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) Company
21 Nov 2011 Excellent Results by the ECE 2011 Oxfam Trailwalker Team
11 Nov 2011 HKUST ROV Team had Excellent Results in the 11th International Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards
02 Nov 2011 ECE MPhil student has been selected as a Finalist for the Best Student Paper Competition at the Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers 2011
28 Oct 2011 Prof. V.G. Chigrinov was one of the Speakers at the Rusnanotech Forum 2011
21 Oct 2011 Joint work of ECE Postgraduate and Exchange Students won the Best Student Poster Award at the 2011 IEEE Swedish Communication Technologies Workshop
21 Oct 2011 The HKUST ROV Student Team has won the Hong Kong New Force of Innovation and Technology Award at the Innotech Month 2011
20 Oct 2011 HKUST Student Teams won First and Third Class Awards in the 12th Challenge Cup
18 Oct 2011 Prof. Amine Bermak has been awarded the Michael G. Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching 2011
14 Oct 2011 Times Higher Education 2011 World University Rankings: HKUST Engineering No. 1 in Greater China and among the World's Top 30
11 Oct 2011 ECE Sports Team has won the Team 2nd Runner-Up in HKUST Intramural Campus Run 2011-12
03 Oct 2011 Prof. HS Kwok has received the "Best Presentation Award" in OLC 2011
12 Sep 2011 ECE Postgraduate Student received the 2011 IEEE CICC Student Scholarship Award
06 Sep 2011 Quadrotor UAV designed and marketed by iFlight shocked the Chicago show on Model Aircraft and UAV Market
05 Sep 2011 HKUST has been ranked No. 1 again in Hong Kong in Engineering and Technology by the QS World University Rankings 2011 - Engineering and Technology
31 Aug 2011 ECE PhD Student received Research Exchange Sponsorship from AOTULE
30 Aug 2011 The HKUST Robocon Team represented Hong Kong and had Excellent Results in the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest
24 Aug 2011 HKUST Maintains the Top Spot in Hong Kong in the University World Rankings in Engineering/Technology and Computer Sciences
26 Jul 2011 Excellent Achievements of ECE Students in the Freescale Smart Car Competition
08 Jul 2011 ECE Postgraduate Student won Best Presentation Prize at the ASPIRE League
06 Jul 2011 Prof. Jack Lau was Interviewed by CCTV in Shenzhen
20 Jun 2011 HKUST ROV Student Team Won Design Elegance Award in International ROV Competition at NASA
20 Jun 2011 Four ECE Faculty Members have been Newly Promoted
17 Jun 2011 The East Asian Postgraduate Workshop on Nanoscience and Technology was organized successfully by ECE and PHYS
06 Jun 2011 Perception Digital Transferred its Listing to HKEx Main Board
03 Jun 2011 Prof. Vijay Bhargava is Co-editor of the book "Cooperative Cellular Wireless Communications"
01 Jun 2011 Prof. Bing Zeng and ECE PhD Student have won Awards at the ISCAS 2011
01 Jun 2011 ECE PhD Student won Exchange Studentship from the 2011 AOTULE Summer Student Exchange Programme
26 May 2011 ECE PhD Student has won the RGC-Fulbright HK Dissertation Research Programme - Junior Research Award 2011-12
19 May 2011 ECE Final Year Students were awarded the Varitronix 30th Anniversary Scholarship for the Best FYP on Display Technology 2010-11
18 May 2011 Prof. Matthew McKay has won Best Paper Award at the IEEE ICC 2011
18 May 2011 Great Achievements by ECE Teams in the HKUST 2011 Entrepreneurship Competition
03 May 2011 ECE Alumni Received MRS Graduate Student Gold Award 2010 and APS Student Travel Award 2011
26 Apr 2011 Prof. Tim Woo has published an Article on the HKUST Robotics Team in the Hong Kong Economic Journal
20 Apr 2011 Great Achievements by ECE Graduates in the HKICT Awards 2011
19 Apr 2011 Prof. Matthew McKay has won the 2011 Stephen O. Rice Prize in the Field of Communications Theory
07 Apr 2011 Prof. Bing Zeng has won 2011 IEEE Circuits and Systems Society CSVT Transactions Best Paper Award
06 Apr 2011 HKUST Continues to Thrive in 2011 QS World University Rankings in Engineering & Technology Subjects
01 Apr 2011 Prof. Oscar Au has published an Article on his Research in the Hong Kong Economic Journal
01 Apr 2011 HKUST School of Engineering - the Top Choice for PhD Engineering Studies in Hong Kong
28 Mar 2011 Success of Prof. Oscar Au and his Group on Video Standards
22 Mar 2011 HKUST and Princeton University Launch Joint Undergraduate Research Exchange Program for Engineering Students
14 Mar 2011 ECE MPhil Student won Champion Award in the Design for Elderly Competition 2011
11 Mar 2011 Prof. Kwok and Prof. McKay have received the Distinguished Research Excellence Award and the Young Investigator Research Award from the School of Engineering
10 Mar 2011 Prof. Kei May Lau was Featured in the U Magazine Article - "Women and Intellectuals"
09 Mar 2011 Workshop hosted by Prof. Chigrinov on Liquid Crystals for Photonics was reported in LC Today
23 Feb 2011 Prof. Emma MacPherson's Research Work published in SPIE and BioPhotonics
19 Feb 2011 ECE Graduates Excelled in the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2010
11 Feb 2011 ECE PhD students won First and Third Prizes in the EDSSC 2010
11 Feb 2011 Prof. Mansun Chan has won the 2009 Shenzhen City Technology Innovation Award
07 Feb 2011 Prof. Kevin Chen's Research Work Featured in the Technical Press
01 Feb 2011 Prof. Jiang Xu selected as Distinguished Visitor by IEEE Computer Society
25 Jan 2011 Prof. Matthew McKay and ECE PhD Student won the IEEE Signal Processing Society 2010 Young Author Best Paper Award
21 Jan 2011 Prof. Ling Shi Received Letter of Appreciation from the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control